Why NOW is the ideal time to have a career breakthrough!

We are in a time of great change and uncertainty, but while it may be time to take a pause and reflect physically, it's not the time to pause your career. 

Our expert coach Bruna De Palo and CEO Evelyn Cotter show you why now is an even better time to invest in your future, how to get pro-active, creative and use this time to your advantage to have the career breakthrough you were wanting all along.

Evelyn has over 10 years of coaching experience and founded SEVEN in 2012 and Bruna has been coaching for 5 years and loves helping clients have breakthroughs to find work that is more meaningful and on purpose.

If you’re in the midst of a job search, you may be feeling some extra anxiety now – especially if you have a sense of urgency to get a new job. Maybe you’re in between jobs and need a salary to pay the bills, or maybe your work situation is just not feeling stable.

In this webinar, we spoke about:

  • Bringing who you are into what you do
  • Finding what your personality is suited to and remembering that skills are learnt
  • Your passion may not necessarily mean direction
  • Simplifying and going inward
  • Realising that breakthrough comes from self-awareness
  • Human beings vs. human doings
  • Focusing on what value can you / have you added
  • Being open and helping each other
  • Noticing patterns 

The most important takeaway from the webinar: develop a more positive self-image - the more positively you see yourself, the better you will communicate what you can do and the better opportunities you will attract and go for!


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